DECIDER — The new video from The Imbeciles

DECIDER — The new video from The Imbeciles

Mesmerising, ghostly, seductive, urgent, poignant.

Decider draws you into its web and holds you there.

Forever. There’s no escape. Are we to be judged by The Decider? 

Lead singer and bassist Kip Larsen plays an everyman. Kip treks through a desolate, destroyed desert planet — the last man on earth...

This is a truly cinematic band. Vignettes from movie classics provide the captivating, disturbing mise en scène. Filmed on location in the Texas panhandle, the video is the second of a triptych of films written by the band's Butch Dante, focused on their main preoccupation:

the fact that the world is ending and people should be kinder to each other while it does... 

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  • April 14th Leeds - Hyde Park Book Club
  • April 15th Glasgow - Hug & Pint
  • April 16th Tynemouth - Surf Cafe
  • April 17th Birmingham - Muthers Studio
  • April 19th Brighton - The Hope
  • April 20th Bristol - The Lanes
  • April 21st London - The Grace
  • April 22nd Manchester - The Castle

Decider single out now on digital

Decider vinyl release date TBC

The Imbeciles’ self-titled debut album will be released on March 27th 2020

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