DELTA PR NEWS — It's Delta's 25th Anniversary Year!

DELTA PR NEWS — It's Delta's 25th Anniversary Year!

And here's part of the story of Delta PR...

Happy New Year! 2019 is Delta PR's 25th Anniversary Year!

Delta PR was founded in 1994...

That year I went to the New Music Seminar in New York. My thoughts...

London mid 1994. Things seemed duller than they ought to be. America was still interesting to me, up to a point. American movies, some of them at least, had been exuding a certain cool lately. A serrated charm emanated from One False Move, Red Rock West, and Short Cuts. And I also liked some of the new American crime novels.

I had been working at Rykodisc in London, a very go-ahead independent American-British CD-only label. I'd been impressed by one of their bands called Morphine. This was a band from Boston USA. Morphine was different. Not typical. A sign, I thought, perhaps? Perhaps.

That summer, under my own steam and with an air of anticipation, I got on a plane and duly arrived at an industry bash in New York. It was the New Music Seminar. It was July hot. With appropriate heavy thunder storms. I went to Woolworths to buy an umbrella.

I was by now an independent PR. I couldn’t afford yellow cabs, so I got around on foot. Hot work. I was looking for cool new music. But I didn’t find any. There was Acid Jazz and Grunge-Rock-by-numbers. That was it. That was all there was. For me music was dead in the water. As predictable as the summer rain.

I must simply keep on looking, I thought. There's got to be something good out there somewhere. There must be. There was. Within a couple of years, I'd found the music I really wanted to work with! The antidote to MTV. And I'd found Chris Carr, the partner I really wanted to work with, too!

And soon we had an office in London SE1, near Waterloo Station. And a fast internet connection. Plus three fixed-line phones and two mobiles. Chris had been head of press at Arista and had started out by writing a punk fanzine in '77. His arrival naturally doubled our potential. And I learned a lot from Chris. My mentor. Thanks Chris.

Yes much has changed since then. But the three pillars we are built on have not changed:

  • A&R — the talent spotting, encouraging and enabling of artists and labels. And producers, authors and publishers. First, it has to be special. Then there's the planning and the guidance. And the enabling of journalists, radio, TV and more to hear the music and get the story. Yes, we continue to do all that. It's really the core. And it links closely to...
  • Artist and label development and support — our long-term ongoing development and support strategy is still very much an integral part of what we do too. For both new and more established artists, labels and publishers.
  • Technology — Delta PR started out in '94 with a Mac Quadra computer, a phone and a fax machine. A year later, a big step: I added a Modem to the Mac, and email. In '97, Delta had a website; in '98 we had our first mobile phones. The philosophy, make careful, considered use of new tech, continues to this day.

25 years later, among our latest music, upcoming for you in 2019... please see below...

For more information, please see our Pressroom, and contact us soon...

Yours truly,

Mal Smith

Founder Delta PR & Music Consultancy

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