ESBE — her first video; plus more music is to follow...

ESBE — her first video; plus more music is to follow...

Esbe has so far released two albums — Desert Songs, and Mystra — which have seen her music compared to Kate Bush and The Cocteau Twins. She is self-produced, and her production has the filmic qualities associated with for example Max Richter and Anne Dudley. Esbe's vocals have been compared to Lisa Gerrard and Liz Frazer.

Latest news: Due next are two albums titled Ten Songs and Far Away, to be released simultaneously, date TBC.

Meanwhile here is a taster — Esbe's striking first video. The song Don't Believe is from the upcoming album Ten Songs...



"It's filmed on location in a little house in London’s Hampstead. The lyrics are about waking to an ordinary day, thinking of your lover, who has left – for the day? Forever? But Don’t Believe hints optimistically that when you have love, it is really far from an ordinary day," says Esbe.

Two radio sampler EPs are also available: Sampler and Hope.

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