FIAT LUX — (How Will We Ever) Work This Way

FIAT LUX — (How Will We Ever) Work This Way

Plus: Polydor classic video remasters...

Fiat Lux has just released stunning and timely new single (How Will We Ever) Work This Way... finished under lockdown:

As David P Crickmore explains...

“It’s coming out of lockdown... the theme chimes strangely with that, even though the initial idea lyrically came before."

The new track comes from the band's forthcoming album Twisted Culture, due for a late 2021 release.

In other Fiat Lux news: Polydor has recently released two digitally restored classic videos.

This is the first time these videos have been officially available to view...


Blue Emotion

Fiat Lux today comprises David P Crickmore, Steve Wright, and Will Howard...

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Above with pal Rusty Egan in 2020 (from left: Will Howard, David P Crickmore, Rusty Egan, Steve Wright).

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  • New single (How Will We Ever) Work This Way is out now on digital
  • Secrets and Blue Emotion (digitally restored) are out now on Vevo/YouTube

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