JUDY COLLINS — Amazing Grace goosebumps message

JUDY COLLINS — Amazing Grace goosebumps message

Londoner Jacquie Marsh recorded this goosebumps social post — please see below — and writes...

"Heavenly happenings at Charing Cross Hospital London tonight as a choir sings out and can be heard in the surrounding streets. Especially close to our hearts - our road. It gave me goosebumps."

Jacquie's post has been seen over 5 million times already.

Reaching out to everyone, Judy Collins says from New York...

"I recorded Amazing Grace with a group of friends at Saint Paul’s Chapel on the Columbia University campus in New York City. When my recording of Amazing Grace was released in the UK it went to number one on the music charts and then became enormously popular all over the world. It was written by John Newton in 1772, a man who evolved from slave ship captain to a writer of powerful hymns, and changed his entire life, becoming a model for spiritual transformation.

​That’s what we need today once again. Stay safe, help others and pray for the planet. I am sending this song out to all the doctors, nurses and patients. We will survive this with love and music and amazing grace."

Goosebumps indeed.

Thank you everyone.

From Judy Collins in New York and from us here in London.

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