Peter Hammill — Announces tour dates

Peter Hammill announces dates in Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, and Germany

"This won’t be the case indefinitely, but while I’m able to give voice to them these songs are alive. Given that and given the fact that I’ve put so much into them and they’ve given me so much in return, I feel something of a responsibility to continue to play them - though inhabit them would be closer to the truth - to the best of my ability. When I’m done with that then realistically they, also, will be done," says Peter Hammill.

"I’m currently working from a list of more than a hundred tunes. In any given night there’ll be, I trust, a wide mix of age, of time, of space, of personality, of content. Usually there’ll be at least one or two pieces which are a bit of a stretch, involve a certain leap of faith for me. Now, as ever, I trust that the process will continue to be serious fun..."


MARCH 2018
10th 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium
12th Zonnehuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13th Parkvilla Theatre, Alphen, Netherlands

APRIL 2018
6th Palladium, Malmo, Sweden
7th Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
20th Queen Elizabeth Hall (QEH), London
24th Oran Mor, Glasgow
25th Stoller Hall, Manchester
27th St. Luke's Church, Brighton
28th St. Luke's Church, Brighton SOLD OUT
29th The Lantern, Bristol
30th Junction, Cambridge

MAY 2018
21st & 22nd K4 Festsaal, Nuremberg, Germany
24rd & 25th Piano, Dortmund, Germany
26th & 27th Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany

Media contact: Chris Carr & Mal Smith at Delta PR

Peter Hammill - Live
Peter Hammill - Live
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Contact: Mal Smith & Chris Carr Delta PR
Contact: Mal Smith & Chris Carr Delta PR
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