PETER HAMMILL to release In Translation album of songs from Europe, USA, and South America

PETER HAMMILL to release In Translation album of songs from Europe, USA, and South America

His first ever covers album...

Peter Hammill is set to release his first ever covers album ‘In Translation’.

The album comprises songs from a variety of musical worlds...

Classical, American Songbook, Italian Pop, and Tango.

In all but three cases, Hammill has also translated the lyrics into English.

These songs have remarkable stories behind them.  

While true to the original spirit, they have gone through subtle mutations.

Hammill makes each his own, fresh and new.

Peter Hammill on his forthcoming album ‘In Translation’...

“This collection seems to fit together as a group, not least because most of these songs are to do with measures of dislocation, of loss, of some kind of imagined future which didn’t arrive.”
“Only three of the songs here were originally in English; I’ve translated the rest, having had a some experience of song translation over the years. I didn’t feel that I could do proper justice to the songs if I sang them in the original languages. My approach has always been to make cultural rather than strictly linguistic translations, so that the spirit of the song rather than its precise narrative is rendered.”
“I was unfamiliar with several of these songs before I began this project. One discovery led on to another in a kind of paper trail. It’s worth noting that many of the back stories to the songs are interesting and some of the writers and singers had a spectacularly dramatic time of things. I doff my hat to these sometimes complicated lives. I hope I’ve addressed the material, the writers, and the original performers, with due and proper respect. Inevitably though there’s spin here, mine all mine.”
“These recordings were made, of course, in the time of Covid and lockdown. But also in the knowledge that Brexit – in all its horror – was fast approaching. So these performances of, for the most part, European songs were my last as a European singer, with all the rights and privileges that has brought me for so many years.”
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  • Peter Hammill 'In Translation' — Album release on CD due May 7th 2021
  • Peter Hammill 'In Translation' — Album release on White Vinyl date TBC

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