REDD JASPER — ★ The ★ President's ★ Speech ★

REDD JASPER — ★ The ★ President's ★ Speech ★

Dada-esque new music brilliantly captures the times we live in...

Surprise! Dada is back! The President is speaking! And it don't make any sense!

The band says:

"The President`s Speech is a groove-filled rock and roll statement, about the destruction Trump has created in the US and all of the havoc he has wreaked upon the world. 
Following the Dada movement, the song lyrics feature no definitive words, to evoke Trump's nonsensical garble and all his lies. It is also peppered with some key Trump statements. Trump is just one huge television show lie."   
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The band Redd Jasper is:   

On lead vocals Jonas Fjeld (Jonas has worked with Judy Collins, and Danko, Fjeld, Andersen); Kjartan Kristiansen, of the Dumdum Boys, is on guitar; Johnny Skalleberg, producer and guitar; Finn Tore Tokle, producer and bass; and Lars Christian Narum plays hammond organ.

The single also features top impersonator and comedian Ben Price as President Trump.

This is ★ The President's Speech ★ and it don't make any sense.

New single due for release October 23 2020. Video release date TBC

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