STEVE BARTON — Falling High

STEVE BARTON — Falling High

Featuring Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Dave Scheff

Steve Barton's new single Falling High b/w Hung Up On A Crossroad is due for release September 29th 2023.

Each song has a video.

The stellar players are:

Portland, Oregon based Steve Barton, solo artist and a member of Translator.

Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey are known as members of both R.E.M. and The Minus 5. ​

Dave Scheff is a member of Translator.

The tracks were recorded in Portland, Oregon, and mixed and mastered in London, UK.

Steve Barton on the new tracks...

Falling High:

"The rhythm and chords came right away. All of the words followed in one quick writing session. My long-time drummer Dave Scheff plays drums. Peter Buck plays electric 12-string guitar through a Leslie speaker, giving it that wobbly organ-like effect - that's him playing the signature line at the intro and throughout the song. Scott McCaughey handles bass and fuzz bass. For the guitar solo, I was thinking about Paul Kossoff from the great band Free. He’s always been one of my faves. The track was mixed by Michael Smith in London. Smithy did a fab job mixing this one. It's been mastered by Andy “Hippy” Baldwin at Metropolis Mastering in London.
The lyrics were written with me almost in a trance. I pretty much wrote what is in the final version in one go. Tweaked it a little bit afterwards. I took the concept of Falling Down and twisted it to Falling High, which when you think about it really doesn't mean anything! How does one fall high? I think I know. The song is like a dream...
Verse One:
Somewhere a long goodbye will fall and find you out
Simple connection made in the dark
Somebody calls the weather - they long to know you
To me this verse is about meeting someone, or longing for them. The line about "somebody calls the weather - they long to know you" is meant to convey superficial conversation - talking about the weather - but really, they want to break through to a deeper level. I think they are a bit afraid to. The chorus "Oh - falling, want to try" suggests that they are taking the leap, or at least they really want to. By leaping, they are falling.
Verse Two:
Somewhere a lullaby will sing you wide awake
Ledges of edges, kisses to come
Laying the bricks to build a new road to see you
A continuation of the vibe from verse one, but now lying awake, dreaming of "kisses to come" and "laying the bricks to build a new road to see you". Do those kisses ever come? Does that road lead anywhere at all? I like the line "somewhere a lullaby will sing you wide awake". That sort of sums up the song to me."

Hung Up On A Crossroad:

"I wrote this on the piano one afternoon in the front room of my house. It is about feeling stuck, but with a bit of hope at the very end. I play all the guitars and bass, with Dave Scheff on drums. The track was mixed by Raymond Richards in Portland Oregon, and mastered in London UK by Andy “Hippy” Baldwin at Metropolis Mastering."
VIDEO CHOICE — Falling High / Hung Up On... by Steve Barton
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