FISCHER-Z — Announcing New Single + Spring 2020 UK Dates

FISCHER-Z — Announcing New Single + Spring 2020 UK Dates

New 'Cardboard Street' single in time for Christmas!

As the classic So Long, nearing the 40th anniversary of its release in 1980, hits 3 million plays on Spotify... to play it please see below... we can announce Fischer-Z band tour dates in London and Manchester... and new Xmas-themed single Cardboard Street...

* Fischer-Z — Spring 2020 UK Dates

Glasswerk Presents

  • Thursday March 26th 2020 —  Nells, LONDON Tickets
  • Friday March 27th 2020 —  The Factory, MANCHESTER Tickets

Notes: These are full band dates. Tickets on sale from November 8th 2019 at 10am.

* Cardboard Street Single — a Christmas time story. In time for Xmas...

"Cardboard Street is the story of a soldier who’s been living on the streets since being invalided out of the army. He’s been unable to adjust back to normal society after traumatic experiences in Afghanistan. It’s Christmas time, he’s ill and the police and ambulance service have been sent to collect him from the doorway of a sandwich store. He’s been separated from his wife and child, but recently they’ve been searching for him. Very luckily she (Mary) arrives just as the medical team is about to take him to hospital. I witnessed this scenario. I wrote this story, but I’m sure I was close to their real one ...," says John Watts.

Cardboard Street Single — due for release November 29th 2019. Taken from the new album 'Swimming In Thunderstorms'...

* New Album 'Swimming In Thunderstorms'

* So Long hits 3 million plays on Spotify...

* And UK Vinyl release...

'Swimming In Thunderstorms' Album release on vinyl — due December 6th 2019

* For more info please contact us...

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