LUKE ELLIOT — The Big Wind

LUKE ELLIOT — The Big Wind

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Luke Elliot talks about the title song and video (below) from his upcoming album...

"I wrote this song about a catastrophe. The Night of the Big Wind, as it is referred to, was a European storm that killed hundreds in Ireland. It became part of the Irish folk tradition, and occurred on the Feast of the Epiphany, which naturally adds to the mythology. Many believed that the end of the world was near - judgement day had arrived. The storm, for many, was a religious symbol of God's wrath. If you look at what's happening now with COVID-19, the parallels are uncanny. The fear that this is the 'end of times' whether from a non-secular perspective or not, is becoming part of our social fabric. When Anders Føorde Midtbø, the director, was putting this footage together, it was only natural to show devastation.
​I think that the video also paints a picture of beauty. In disaster, we also find hope. When we talk about what's awful and unfair and ruinous, I hope that we can also see what's good, and just, and stable. The environment needed a break, many of us are spending more time with our families, we are seeing the unnecessary importance placed on money, neighbors are lending helping hands; we are looking out for one another. This crisis is affording us all the ability to spend some time reflecting on our choices, and on how we want to proceed. There's tremendous value to that. ​
​When I'm in the grocery store now, I almost always see people being kind to one another. It's not all a rush to grab the last roll of toilet paper. There's a shared concern for what's happening, an empathy, that wasn't there before. I hope we hold on to that."

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