PETE ATKIN — Together At Last

PETE ATKIN — Together At Last

This previously unrecorded Clive James / Pete Atkin gem is drawn from new album 'The Luck of the Draw' | Plus UK tour dates

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Together At Last (lyrics: Clive James; music: Pete Atkin) has never been recorded before. This song now has a greater, special poignancy about it, as sung and played by Pete Atkin so brilliantly. Underpinning this recording is also an unassailable, uplifting, soaring spirit, a sense of wide-open future possibilities, of freedom. Clive James died in 2019. So evocative, the song is about good times together, maybe some ups and downs, soulmates travelling on...

Together at last
Buddies on the road
Cain and Abel,
Lombard and Gable,
Rosewall and Hoad
Together at last Soulmates slowly ride
Frank and Jessie,
Billie and Bessie,
Jekyll and Hyde
For I on my own am but one man alone And I know that the same goes for you
But when we team up we are two-gether at last...

Mentioned later in the song are: Ike and Tina, Frederick and Nina, Pope and Dryden, Mozart and Haydn, Clyde and Bonnie, Ronnie and Ronnie, Yoko and John.

Lyrics © Clive James.

Pete Atkin explains how he recently rediscovered Together At Last:

“In 1975, Clive James and I toured the first version of our two-man show. We titled it 'Together At Last', and decided we needed a special closing number. We wrote it in a way that would enable us to alternate the lines, and in a way that would allow Clive to make the most of his vocal abilities. We never recorded it. I knew the lyric was in the archive. I was going through some old notebooks last year when I found I had written down the tune. It is an eminently updatable song, but we didn’t, and I think – and hope – it was the right thing to leave it as it is. And so here it is...”
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Clive James interview (previously unheard):

Clive James talking about his work with Pete Atkin, from 2015, introduced by Pete Atkin (click here or click image below...)

Single release details:

  • Pete Atkin - Together At Last (2.37)
  • Lyrics by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: Hillside Music
  • Release date: August 25th 2023
  • Impact date: September 1st 2023

Album release details:

  • Pete Atkin - The Luck Of The Draw
  • Lyrics by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin
  • Cat No. CDHILL 10
  • Formats: Digital, CD
  • Label: Hillside Music
  • Album release date: September 1st 2023

Tour dates:

Album - more info:

PETE ATKIN — To release new album The Luck Of The Draw
The wonderful new album of Clive James / Pete Atkin songs

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