Pictured — great pics of FIAT LUX back in the recording studio at last...

Pictured — great pics of FIAT LUX back in the recording studio at last...

Welcome back Fiat Lux!

The single Everyday In Heaven is due February 2019, and the album Saved Symmetry in March — the first Fiat Lux album in 35 years!!

The great lost band is coming back. And here are wonderful pictures of David P Crickmore and Steve Wright, reunited in the recording studio at last, back in action — please see the photos below.

Inital feedback...

MajesticSteve Lamacq 
"Was going to say Everyday In Heaven is your stand out hit track! And then I see its going to be a single. Spot on. I love your album. Beautiful tunes come shining through"  Annie Nightingale

The new album has been recorded at Splid Studio, Keighley, Yorkshire, where Fiat Lux is based, and produced by David P Crickmore, with Fiat Lux signature instruments:

"Guitars I play on the album are my Gibson SG light blue as used back in the 80s, and a 60s Fender Strat plus Martin acoustics. The bass guitar is the same model Yamaha BB1000S that I used on the Polydor sessions, but I had to track another early 80s edition down as my original bass went astray in the mid 80s. Classic analogue synths used include a Mellotron, a Mini Moog, and a Roland Jupiter 8," says David P Crickmore

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