THE CURATOR — The Curator Video Collection, Tour & More

THE CURATOR — The Curator Video Collection, Tour & More

We are pleased to announce a very special Curator audiovisual release & more


A brilliant new collection of Curator videos — The Curator Video Collection: All Lombard & Beyond — made by Chris O, from Seattle, USA. Three forthcoming videos will make this a collection of ten.

“This is a collection of ten videos created lovingly by Chris O Video based in Seattle, highlighting my recent album 'All Lombard Street to a China Orange' plus reworkings of classic tracks. So the collection includes music both new and recrafted. The recrafted tracks - Courtiers (Revisited), The Half-Life, and First One Home - are now in a state that I am very happy with, via technology at my disposable that I did not have before,” says The Curator.

Videos 1 to 6 accompany music from the current album All Lombard Street To A China Orange and there are four bonus tracks:

  1. Something New
  2. Giving Up (and Letting Go)
  3. We Go Down
  4. An Old Man’s Dreams
  5. She’s Waiting There For You — an edit of The Wrong Music
  6. The Boss
  7. Courtiers (Revisited) — the new single, is a new mix of a song which comes originally from the classic Curator album Inside The Whale (And Other Songs)
  8. Believe It (featuring Diana Hare) — forthcoming single / video; expected 08/4/22
  9. The Half-Life (featuring the Half-Life) — a remix / rerecord (video forthcoming)
  10. First One Home — a remix of a song which comes originally from the classic Curator album Inside The Whale (And Other Songs) (video forthcoming)


The Curator Video Collection: All Lombard & Beyond — as mentioned above; for videos 1 to 6 please see below; three more are forthcoming, which will make this a set of ten

Courtiers (Revisited) — a new mix on Bandcamp, streaming and video (see above)

Bandcamp release of Twenty-Six / 12 — album due from 11/3/22

Believe It (featuring Diana Hare) — single / video due 08/4/22 (recorded at the same time as All Lombard Street to a China Orange; previously unreleased)

For further details and links please see below.

A still from the We Go Down video
A still from the We Go Down video


26th June 2022 / The Curator Well Cottage House Concerts near Daventry

In an intimate setting, up close and personal, where you will have the opportunity to chat with The Curator. There are 26 seats available.

Find out more here

9th July 2022 / The Judy Dyble Memorial Concert, Manor Farm, Ardley, Oxfordshire

9th July 2022 / appearing as The Curator

(and 10th July 2022 / appearing with the Band of Perfect Strangers)

More details here

16th July 2022 / The Curator Eppyfest 9, Smokey Joe's, Cheltenham

Details and tickets here

5th August 2022 / The Curator Holt Vinyl Vault, Holt, Norfolk

Details and tickets from the shop Holt Vinyl Vault or through Holt Vinyl Facebook


The Curator Video Collection (playlist link)


(Please note: these are Private Links to videos 8-10)


The Curator - photo credit David Kirkham
The Curator - photo credit David Kirkham

All Lombard Street To A China Orange is The Curator's fifth album, following Sometime Soon (2010), Inside The Whale And Other Stories (2013), Where The Stars Will Give Way To The Morning (2018) and Twenty-Six / 12 (2019). He co-produced and co-wrote Talking With Strangers by Judy Dyble (2009) and produced and co-wrote Flow And Change also by Judy Dyble (2013). He also arranged, played on and produced all but one of the tracks on Judy Dyble's album Earth Is Sleeping (2018). The Curator aka Alistair Murphy is a mysterious figure. Little is known for sure, except that he lives somewhere in Norfolk, England, sometimes in a film noir with Lizabeth Scott and the scent of jasmine.

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