VANWYCK — Wonderful concert footage released + album news

VANWYCK — Wonderful concert footage released + album news

This new footage is revalatory. VanWyck has a way with words and a way with phrasing that is exceptional. This is a great discovery. This is music to dream of. And yet it's very real...

VanWyck says:

"What I'm looking for in music are unexpected moments of magic. That's why I enjoy playing live so much. The audience, the location and the musicians always add something new to the songs. At this live stream in a church in Amsterdam we had no audience, but the spectacular acoustics of the space and knowing that people all over the globe were joining us in realtime turned it into one of those magical nights.

​My coming album God Is In The Detour is about that. About how the best moments in life can't be willed, can't be pinned down. Cannot be controlled. It's when you give up control, let go of the reigns and allow yourself to be part of something bigger, that magic happens. All you can do is submit yourself to the possibility. Try to leave the window open so magic can wander in.

​Whether it's a song about the garbage men making their way through my street, or missing someone so much you have to find words to make it seem bearable, God Is In The Detour centres on the power of melody and voice, and speaking directly from heart to heart."

The wonderful concert film contains songs from VanWyck's first two albums...

An Average Woman

Molten Rock

and songs from forthcoming album God Is In The Detour.

Check out more videos on the VanWyck video channel and track notes for Molten Rock...

VanWyck - Molten Rock - Track by track VanWyck_track-by-track_molten_rock.pdf - 43 KB
  • Upcoming singles — several singles are planned; details tbc
  • Upcoming album God Is In The Detour — expected release date October 30th 2020

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