Wig Wam's ‘Do Ya Wanna Taste It’ Rocks Peacemaker’s Opening Credits; 'In My Dreams' Also Features In The Hit New Series. New Album Due Early 2023.


WIG WAM — Score Chart No.1s as the World Dances...
'Do Ya Wanna Taste It' hits as Sky / NOW release Peacemaker. Tour dates & more.

WIG WAM is back with two songs in the new hit DC superhero series Peacemaker from Hollywood filmmaker James Gunn. Wig Wam's Do Ya Wanna Taste It soundtracks the opening credits sequence of each episode. The reaction has been phenomenal. Do Ya Wanna Taste It hit Number One on the US iTunes Rock Chart in February. Now the four original members of the band are eager to get back on the road and play their music, having been dropped inexplicably by their agent on the eve of their Peacemaker success; for more on this amazing story — see below. Wig Wam is working on a new album due for release in early 2023. Here is the opening credits sequence of Peacemaker...

Wig Wam was founded in Norway in 2001 and three years later released their debut album, then called 667… THE NEIGHBOUR OF THE BEAST. A year after that the band won the Norwegian final in the Eurovision Song Contest with their smash hit In My Dreams, which topped the Norwegian charts for 6 weeks and stayed in the Top 10 for 19 weeks.

Wig Wam made a huge impact in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Kiev and had great success both in Norway and abroad, and the band received gold and platinum awards for HARD TO BE A ROCK ’N’ ROLLER (2005), WIG WAMANIA (2006), In My Dreams (Single 2005) and Rock ’n’ Roll Revolution (DVD 2005).

In 2005, the band played more than 170 shows for more than 300,000 people and broke attendance records. Wig Wam also has a great following in Japan, where the band first toured in 2007 to sold-out venues, as documented by their album LIVE IN TOKYO.

The band toured Germany with Gotthard, toured Sweden with Alice Cooper, and headlined many big shows in most of Europe. In 2010, their first single from the album NON STOP ROCK ’N’ ROLL, Do Ya Wanna Taste It became another big hit. And it's one of the Wig Wam songs picked for Peacemaker.

Wig Wam toured with the show Vinterlyd in early 2010, before commencing another tour of Japan. Then they toured Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, England, Italy and Norway. They supported Kiss in Oslo in June 2010. The band subsequently released the album WALL STREET in 2012. But Wig Wam did their last show in August 2013 and then split. They got back together in 2019, only for Covid 19 to scupper their plans.

Nine years after the split, Wig Wam is back with a big bang! Now their classics In My Dreams and Do Ya Wanna Taste It are attracting new attention from a brand new audience. The songs are being showcased in the new DC series Peacemaker on HBO Max. The follow-up to The Suicide Squad, the first three episodes of Peacemaker landed in the US on January 13th 2022. The UK release date of the series is 22 March 2022 on Sky and NOW TV.

John Cena is back as Peacemaker, a man so dedicated to peace he doesn't care who he has to kill to achieve it. He is joined by other cast members returning from The Suicide Squad: Jennifer Holland is back as Emilia Harcourt, who worked with Amanda Waller in the movie, as is Steve Agee – who was both the physical stand-in for King Shark and Emilia's co-worker John Economos (he plays the latter in the new series).

From the start, Peacemaker's opening credits — see video above — tell viewers exactly what to expect — the unexpected — as John Cena and the rest of the cast dance to Wig Wam's Do Ya Wanna Taste It. Another Wig Wam classic, In My Dreams, is heard in a later episode.

James Gunn’s use of Wig Wam's Do Ya Wanna Taste It for the Peacemaker opening credits sequence is a fascinating choice because the song is about the trouble with fame, and leaving your past behind to find the life you really desire, as made clear by the ace lyrics which include: "Pack it up, get ahead. Gotta leave this mess behind. Gotta cruise from the blues. Got a life to find." This provides an insight into Peacemaker's mindset for the series. He's still under the command of Amanda Waller and Task Force X, but the show may be about him wanting to break free of this life and find something else.

Other parts of Do Ya Wanna Taste It also relate to Peacemaker's arc. The chorus includes: "Blind to what you'll soon become. The mirror lies, the whole world's wrong, but you." One of James Gunn's goals for Peacemaker seems to be to ‘fix’ John Cena's character by having him confront his actions and personality. Peacemaker might not fully realise just how much of a villain he's become and he may still think of himself as a hero after The Suicide Squad. James Gunn certainly chose Do Ya Wanna Taste It as Peacemaker's opening credits song for a reason, and the lyrics indicate exactly why it makes for such a great pairing.

“The Wig Wam song just seemed to be the one that had perfect lyrics for our show... And so there really was nothing else in consideration besides that song,” James Gunn told Rolling Stone.

Here's the original Do Ya Wanna Taste It video. Note: this video has just been released for the first time via Apple Music...

And this is the equally brilliant In My Dreams...

Wig Wam's story is also a great story because the band had just been dropped by their booking agent, just as Peacemaker went to air in the US! “Three days before the Peacemaker premiere our booking agency dropped us from their rooster, because [they said] there was too little interest in the band,” singer Åge Sten Nilsen told Billboard. But Wig Wam never say die. The “phone lines are on fire right now,” says Nilsen. Their streaming numbers are surging, a new album is upcoming, and the band is very much looking forward to touring again, all around the world.

  • Peacemaker is one of the most popular shows in the world today say IMDb + RT
  • Peacemaker has aired on HBO Max in the US
  • The UK release date of the series is 22 March 2022 on Sky and NOW TV
  • The Do Ya Wanna Taste It video is on YouTube & is just out via Apple Music
  • We can announce that Wig Wam is working on a new album due early 2023
  • Wig Wam is set to tour the world in 2022 and 2023, including their first-ever US tour
WIG WAM — Score Chart No.1s as the World Dances...
'Do Ya Wanna Taste It' hits as Sky / NOW release Peacemaker. Tour dates & more.

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Wig Wam:

  • Åge Sten Nilsen — vocal
  • Trond Holter — guitars
  • Bernt Jansen — bass
Øystein Andersen — drums

Wig Wam Album Discography:

  • 667… The Neighbour of the Beast (2004) / Hard to Be a Rock 'n' Roller (2005) / Hard to Be a Rock 'n' Roller… in Kiev! (2005)
  • Wig Wamania (2006)
  • Live in Tokyo (2007)
Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll (2010)
  • Wall Street (2012)

  • Never Say Die (2021)
  • [Title TBA] (due early 2023)
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