Mystery surrounds this new band, but here is what we've been able to find out so far...

...first let's meet THE IMBECILES... and then find out what's coming up next...

Butch Dante

  • Where from? London. Lives in? New York City
  • Instrument? 1964 and 1968 Mosrite guitars
  • Notes? Effects pedal is a Vietnam war era Memory Man
  • Outlook? You finally really did it. You maniacs. Damn you


  • Where from? Los Angeles
  • Instrument? Guitar, Producer
  • Notes? Prefers tape
  • Outlook? Life and music are the same. Less is more

Al Dijon 

  • Where from? Chihuahua, Mexico 
  • Instrument? Keyboard and vocals
  • Notes? The best meal is lunch
  • Outlook? Live on the edge of time and space

Jads Watson

  • Born? Kansas City
  • Lives in? Los Angeles
  • Instrument? Drums
  • Outlook? Main malfunction: record junkie

Tony ‘Terk’ Downing

  • Where from? Chicago 
  • Instrument? Drums 
  • Notes? Relative of cave dwellers
  • Outlook? Life is short

Hal McNulty

  • Where from? Somewhere in America
  • Instrument? Guitar and bass
  • Notes? Can drive a bendy bus as necessary
  • Outlook? When appropriate, speed not direction

Kip Larson

  • Where from? Austin TX
  • Instrument? Bass and vocals
  • Notes? Collects vintage motorcycles
  • Outlook? Less is more

Toth Fowler

  • Where from? Somewhere in America
  • Instrument? Guitar and vocals
  • Notes? Loses most everything along the way
  • Outlook? Life is music

Stan Mosely

  • Where from? New York City
  • Instrument? Engineer. Console, preferably analog
  • Notes? When not behind the console enjoys a good whiskey
  • Outlook? Make cool stuff

D.I.E. see the superb video

  • The D.I.E. Remixes (Red Rack'em b/w Broken English Club) — will be released digitally, due October 25th 2019; and we expect the 12” vinyl release mid December 2019
  • Debut Album upcoming in 2020
  • Live dates TBA
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