Music Preview — Explore the best Winter music coming up...

DANIEL GADD — 'Siri Linn' (Official Video)

The first official Daniel Gadd video is due for release Jan 2019

Here is a still for you...

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And here is the music...

ESBE — 'Hope EP'

Track 1 'When The Love Has Gone' from Esbe's Hope EP to be released 1st Feb 2019 is from the album Mystra...

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FIAT LUX — 'It's You' and 'Everyday In Heaven'

Two singles from the album Saved Symmetry — the album is due for release Feb 2019...

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LOCKS — 'The Hangover Song'

Special wintertime seasonal single release for December date tbc

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RICHARD MACPHAIL — 'My Book Of Genesis - Audiobook'

The success of Richard's marvellously vivid autobiography has prompted a new Audiobook. It's a great listen. Due in time for Christmas... we'll have full details and an excerpt soon we hope...

Richard Macphail at the desk
Richard Macphail at the desk

MATT OWENS — 'One Fuck Of A Year'

An especially timely release single date tbc from the forthcoming album Whiskey & Orchids

RAFA RUSSO — 'You Crossed My Mind' / 'Empty Chair'

Single date tbc from the forthcoming album This Strange Place

NIGEL STONIER — 'When It Gets Cold'

Track from the forthcoming album Navigate

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